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When I was a child I would think as a child. When thinking, I used all the imagination I could. To think I used to stay under a tree looking at the horizon feeling the wind on my face and in its speed I let my thoughts wander. What I liked most was to look at wheat fields, with then green clusters, waving with the wind. I spent hours contemplating the green wheat fields and the waves formed by the spikes going and coming in a certain rhythm of then own nature. I was a kid letting my thoughts wander…

Later, an adult already, I returned many times to the place I was born and gown up. I go there as often as possible to remember and revive all the dreams I had under that fresh shade of the orange trees, mango trees and avocado trees. But what I truly missed was the time I spent contemplating the going and coming of the spikes of the wheat fields… The green wheat fields… Each time they come to my mind they make me sure dreams never grow old. Indeed, our dreams never age, as says the composer Márcio Borges.

Since I was a child, I learned that to be a man you have to think. All the anxiety and troubles in life show us frequently we are a lot vulnerable although being intelligent and having the capacity so thinking. Opposing the vulnerability to the capacity of thinking and loving is what makes noble beings so us. We don t come to life as full-blown thinking and loving beings. We learn how to think and how to love. The more we practice, the more we know we have a long way to go.

To think… is an art! Aristotle, the philosopher of Athens, used to think about the art of thinking. He wrote a book suggestively named “Organon”, that means, “instrument”. For Aristotle it is necessary to equip the intelligence with what it needs to think in a right way.

Green Wheat fields! This is the virtual space where all the people who want to think life, to dream, can join me.

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Henrique Chagas

Henrique Chagas, palestrante, instrutor, mediador de conhecimentos, escritor, advogado e gestor na área jurídica. Cursou pós-graduação em Direito Civil e Direito Processual Civil e fez MBA em Direito Empresarial pela FGV. Leia mais em "Sobre Mim".


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